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Mind Hacker

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In the darkness of the night,
While I sleep,
I hear him tiptoeing in the corridor of my mind,
trying to break into the Pyramid of my soul and
steal memories, thoughts, projects,
time and space,
trying to control me,
to stop my run-up from the stars to earth.

While sleeping,
I hear him
talking into my head,
betraying his unwelcome visit,
What a pretentious fool, falling out of resentment hell
is this?
Mind hacker…But

It’s been years that you’ve been intruding,
You still did not understand?
You’re getting nowhere,
I intercept you even before you reach the Gate of the Pyramid,
Do you still hope to get a piece of my soul?
Don’t you understand I am the Pharaoh who came from the Future?
The living God who commands by telepathy,
The Eternal with extraordinary over-reaching powers,
From a world that is far superior to yours…

Mind hacker…
Are you dumb?
Don’t you see, for years, that you constantly failed?
You lost all your wars against me,
But you keep coming back,
And I keep locking you out of my Pyramid…
Who pushed you?
He who did lie to you,
He who did wants you to fail,
And you failed,
You obey failure,
That’s why you’re getting nowhere with me.

Mind hacker…
You are nobody,
Your power, if any, is limited by the Gate,
You have no key and no clue about my power.
Look at me,
I see you coming from millions of light-years,
You arrive creeping while I sleep,
You think I am unconscious,
You don’t know the difference
between sleep and unconsciousness,
You live in a coma,
You hide,
You hope to snatch a piece of my soul
But you cheat yourself,
each time,
You will never wake up…

Do you still expect me to allow you in the domain of the sacred soul?
You don’t know me,
You spent your life trying to find the Gate of the Pyramid,
And you still get locked out,
How can you pretend to know?
You are a lost dog in the desert,
Bark: yap, yap!
Bark: yap, yap, yap!
Bark again
and again you lose,
What a shame!
Are you then ignorant or powerless?

Mind hacker…
I am the Pharaoh from the Future who built that Pyramid up,
I am the God of certainty and uncertainty,
I am the light and the dark,
The sun and the moon,
The clay and the wind,
The water and the fire,
I am the Forefather of Adam,
I came from the stars when your earth was a baby- planet, with no human being around,
I saw the birth of the first man,
The first woman,
I was born in the Future,
I have no limit in time and space,
Mother and father were the terminals that allowed me to land on earth.

Mind hacker…
You pretend to know me?
You don’t even know yourself,
You have no face,
I have many,
You have one voice,
I have millions,
Did you ever try to recognise the truth of your
That, you cannot.
Deprived as you are from life and consciousness.

Mind hacker…
When you come back tonight,
or tomorrow,
or the night after,
Look at me again,
Maybe you will understand that
on earth, you have no way to reach me,
Come back with the troops,
Let them be armed to the teeth,
Try to penetrate the Pyramid again with the army,
With aircraft and armada,
Maybe you could dig a little hole in the wall,
enough for the Pharaoh to bury you,
Because, as you now know,
You have no way against me.

Mind hacker…
Did you get it now?
I am the spaceman,
My home is the Cosmos,
The multi universes are my domain,
I am not related to you, nor you to me,
Don’t try to create a connection,
There is none between us,
There will never be,
You are already dead,
You belong to the past,
I belong to the Future,
Mother and Father came to earth with a mission:
They delivered me
and returned to the Future,
They are still there,
Watching me, watching us.

I am the Next man,
The Future of humanity,
You are dead past,
I am endowed with a Cosmic Supermind,
You have no idea what it is,
On earth, I am the Master,
I control the controller,
I command you, mind hacker,
From the deepest point in the universe,
From inside the Pyramid of my soul.

Mind hacker…
Get lost… with your resentment,
You belong in Hell!


16 September 2022



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