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By Hichem Karoui

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Unearth Peaceful Clarity

Meditating with the guidance of ancient zen poetry and mandalas is an easy way to discover peaceful clarity. The beautiful patterns and poem lines help to focus your mind as you journey inward, allowing time for deeper reflection and connection with yourself. By participating in this form of meditation, users can benefit from finding a sense of calming release while discovering their own inner peace.

Monday, Tuesday, and Sunday in the Sacred Garden


A mandala flower blooms in my heart,

Calming and beautiful, a work of art.

Careful symmetric petals meld and bind,

In perfect harmony, thoughts to unwind.

Drifting away in peace and serenity,

No destination I must go to see.

Loving energy overflows and sways,

Resting within this timeless maze.


My journey starts in lotus pose,

beneath the beauty of the rose,

Thine Mandala is my guide,

On the path of love, I ride,

Metaphysical and divine,

Moving further from mundane lines,

Intuitively I find my way,

Toward the light, I must bravely sway.


The sandy shore shuffled softly in the breeze,

The warmth of love I felt descended with ease,

Amongst the swirls and floral delights,

My spirit lifted to calming heights.

Gently meandering beneath the bright sky blue,

A Mandala flower, a dream come true,

Sitting peacefully there in perfect harmony,

Chanting love’s blissful melody,

Awakening my heart, I fell in love with thee.



Delve within, go deep, and seek solace.

The Mandala flower will guide us away from the darkness,

So fragile in form, yet ever so strong and bold.

Spin a yarn of hues, emotions and hopes untold,

Teaching us that beauty lies within; no need to comprehend or explore.

Listen closely, reflect and find an inner core,

Waiting to burst into life ; a rainbow made of ease;

Mandala flower reveals that joy we can release.



O Mandala flower, fill me with your light,

Guide me through this path of bright,

Your gentle petals hold the night,

Your soft embrace, so infinite,

As I lay here, body away,

I can feel your soulful sway.

Resonating within my heart, keep chaos away, far apart.

Let me absorb your sacred sight and take flight from my Mundane plight.

Fractal Vector Meditation



Radiance of petals blossom pure,

A gentle mandala to procure,

Leading my spirit on a flight,

Slipping into sunny light.

Radiating love and serenity,

Showing me my destiny,

Releasing worries and doubts that bind,

Bliss awaits down the Mandala vine.



As I gaze upon the mandala flower,

Soft petals illuminated with power,

Its beauty is so pure and so divine,

A secret that hides until its time,

Lost in its swirls, let my mind wander free,

A healing virtue is what I can see,

The mystic circle brings peace within me,

A secret bloom of Zuelabum gracefully.




Oh sweet flower, shine thy light,

Thy beauty is so clear and bright,

In the tranquil solitude of night,

Spreading joy and giving flight.

Vector Mandala, Snowflake to Maya,

Aztec patterns bloom in a starry array,

Fractal blooms twirling further away,

Peaceful geometric harmony stay,

Spiralling out seem to glee,

Of ethnic star-waves from eternity,

Mystical creations seen on a vast sea of white,

Bringing solace trance for a peaceful transient flight.



My Timeless Mandala Flower




My spirit blooms as I enter the realm of the divine,

A Mandala flower reveals its beauty to me over time,

Within the petals, a story lives of hope and peace so grand,

Unexpected insights within my heart take a stand.

The vibrant colours fill my soul and inspire faith and light,

As I meditate on its brilliance, my path is made right,

Guiding me through this spiritual journey taking me through stars so bright,

I thank the Mandala’s splendour that guides me along each night.




My timeless Mandala flower blooms in grace and peace,

Celestial wonders rang in the night breeze,

Twinkle glints of mystery reveal surreal beauty,

Glimmers of insight that open my eyes to see,

Deeper at the centre is a sacred nucleus,

Spinning petal quintessence that beckons me closer,

My radiance unlocked as I explored my being,

Behold the infinite potential nature would bring.

Enchanting sea of endless flow,

Vivid colours lay here below,

Think of this Mandala flower,

As I ponder the ever-cascading shower,

The oceanic music that soothes my soul,

And sets me at peace as immeasurable wisdom unfolds.  Epic sea poetry that speaks to me,

As its mysteries beguile eternity.



The sea of poetry, its wave so deep,

Swells from the heart in simple creeds,

The unspoken tides of passion trip,

To lend words to these moments we keep.


Love, too, is a Mandala flower,

With petals that blossom and outbound kiss,

Its scent hangs heavily in each hour,

In adoration of one’s own bliss.


A gift resides in wave and flower mild,

Of beauty both in ocean blue and rose,

To this kind love, I am reconciled,

Easing upon waters infinite and cosmic close.



Two souls entwined in cosmic bliss,

A love divine that bonds like this;

The joining of two mindful minds,

Entwined in intricate Mandala-designs;

Colours and shapes forever bloom,

Depicting emotions so sweet in the room;

As one, they shine pure like a star,

In harmony with each other, no boundary far.



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