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Winter Poems

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December is over, a time of joy;

New Year is coming; be pleased and buoy.

The cold winter air and snow-covered ground;

The long wait full of happiness found.

Out with the old forgotten times,

In with the new, so much to bring to life!

Let's make memories that will last forever,

Filled with joy and smiles, as we never felt better!

When winter days get cold and grim,

You and I brave the crisp air.

As we embrace the snow and wind,

We build new memories to share.

The sparkles of snow kiss the skin of your hand

To start this holiday season's call

Our love bids farewell to fall,

Dreaming of a winter wonderland.

Skating by each other's side,

We laugh away our worries with pride.

May Me and You join hands forever

In this bright winter weather!

December is over, and New Year is coming soon,

A season of cheer and wonder under a dazzling moon

The large clock it will strike when midnight hits the sky,

And fireworks will be lit; there's nothing left to deny.

On the horizon in store for us, all is music, dancing and laughter too,

What a great way to start the new year fresh and brand new!

Cherish your moments with those you love near and far,

Dreams brought to life with joy that can never mar.

As this fair season passes us by to bring us in the morn's ore,

Let us remember December was only the fore.

The snowflakes are falling; their silent beauty I see,

Shining ever so brightly as we laugh amidst this winter spree,

Your hand in mine, a warmth like no other, in a nest,

I feel your heart beating the drums against my chest,

As we share happy memories and love continues to seep in;

I can sense the excitement stirring deep within.

Your kiss is so mesmerising I'm left out in the cold feeling content;

For your love means eternity, even as our winter skies lament.

Together we'll build these moments that grow our bond ever strong

If love is present during warm days or when winter moves along.

December is over, and the page turns,

A new year to explore as our love grows and burns,

A promise of joy and relief from care,

Our act of togetherness shows how we are aware.

The beauty of our love always comes with a surprise,

No matter what phase we're in, our passion never dies,

May the crimson sunrise bring more priceless memories to share,

While today a story begins for us two to pair.

Love isn't just a feeling but an action too,

Locking hands amidst this journey and holding onto you,

I know that beyond the stars, what we have is here to stay,

Our abundantly blessed existence awaits us every day.

London, 31 December 2022
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